Adopt-A-Family Donations

As 2012 comes to a close, we once again support the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation with their Adopt-A-Family program.  We encourage our partners and community to donate gifts for families who struggle with exorbitant medical costs on top of other mounting challenges this holiday season.  The Adopt-A-Family program helps approximately 500 children during the holiday season.  We have stayed with the theme to donate several IPods and MP3 Players for older children and teens as this seems to be the biggest excitement, with these types of toys being more costly.  As of this week they still have numerous families that they are looking for gifts or other donations.

For more information on how to donate or about the program,
the website is:


Gift ideas include;

Store gift cards to Meijer, Toys R Us, Target and
others.  Toy action figures, hand held games, arts & crafts,
electronics, board games, bikes, skates, sports equipment, dolls, as well as
basic toiletries and other essentials.”

March of Dimes Foundation – Blue Water River Walk May 6th, 2012

Life Science Search Partners is donating time and funds to help hit the targeted goals for Team Domenic Amaro. Domenic’s amazing story serves as a reminder to what a great charity the March of Dimes Foundation is.

We encourage our clients, candidates, friends and family to donate when they can to combine efforts to take part for this great cause.

To sign up for the Blue Water River Walk, or other Walks across the nation visit.

March of Dimes




Medical Main Street continues to drive growth in Oakland County

The Medical Main Street Initiative has drove over $212 Million dollars in investment from around the country and continues to grow. Below is a link to a recent article that talks about the growth of the program.



Children’s Hospital Foundation in need of donations still (2011)

With the holiday season approaching its peak many charities are being over loaded with more requests then they have resources. The Children’s Hospital Foundation in need of assistance for 80 families still including items such as portable games, mp3 players, game consoles along with gift cards to large establishments such as Meijer, Target, Best Buy and Toys R US.

Items for older children \ teenagers are the hardest to come by so keep that in mind during your shopping expedition.

Life Science Search Partners has donated a handful of Apple Ipods to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Michigan, if you have made a donation we would love to hear about your good will and you can find out more about our annual chartity drives.



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