Discreet Executive Search

You’re reading about retained discreet executive search for a reason. You understand that ads cannot be posted all over the net, your company name cannot be passed around your niche industry where everybody knows everyone. Even with the tightest control, your discreet search may still become publicly known so who can you trust to execute the search project?

Life Science Search Partners has taken a page out of JMJ Phillip’s play book when it comes to engaging in discreet search projects as they have become the leader in their industry. You may be replacing a poor performing executive or,  like many companies today, you simply do not want your competition to know what you’re up to.

We understand business, your needs to keep things quiet and have the methodologies and processes in place to manage a search with complete discretion. We offer on demand discreet interviewing offices, nameless interviews and cryptic company backgrounds to keep potential candidates from finding a way to discover you on Google.

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Turnaround and Start-up Executive Search

We understand better then anyone that turnaround and start-up situations are often the most volatile. With everything riding on a handful of the most talented to get you out of a bad situations or to overcome the high chances of failure during a start-up, you need hand picked executives, scientists, sales, marketing and operations professionals.

Life Science Offers Special Executive Search Services for you including:

  • National Executive Search
  • Discreet Recruiting
  • Rapid \ Mass Hire Services
  • Consultative candidate selection

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