Discreet Search

When you’re looking for specialized, dedicated and discreet attention on a particular hiring need within your organization, you look for a discreet retained search agreement. You’re reading about retained discreet executive search for a reason. You understand that ads cannot be posted all over the internet, and your company name cannot be passed around your niche industry, especially when everybody knows everyone.

Even with the tightest control, your discreet search may still become publicly known. So who can you trust to execute the discreet search project?

In addition to requiring absolute discreetness, time sensitivity, and the strong desire to make a top 5% hire, other reasons to partner with us include:

  • Retaining the top Life Science Search Consultants
  • High-touch, white glove process
  • Access to our deep, national executive relationships
  • Non-stop customer service around the clock
  • In-house research team to drive candidate flow

The reality is that discreet recruiting for the life sciences sector requires a skillset that not all search firms possess. Contingent firms will have recruiters working on 10-15 jobs at the same time. Knowing this, how can you be sure that your job will be kept completely discreet?

Who Hires Life Science Search Partners?

The companies retaining our services range from Fortune 500’s to smaller, healthcare-related and life science startups. When hiring a firm for a crucial search, companies of all sizes come to Life Science Search Partners simply based on our reputation.

Our customer base of search clients spans across nearly every industry and sector. When you can’t afford to make a bad hire, retaining our search services can greatly improve your chances of success.

Discreet Retained Executive Search

Discreet life science, healthcare, and pharmaceutical assignments are typically the most interesting and complex retained searches. Executives and board members from around the world have trusted Life Science Search Partners to execute retainer-based recruiting projects in complete confidentiality.

Special measures are taken to ensure information is well protected within our recruiting group

This is the time for a retained search where you want to partner with a single trusted advisor rather than have contingent recruiters blasting your information all over the internet.

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