Biotechnology Recruiting

Located in the heart of medical main street, Life Science Search Partners is a national biotechnology executive search firm that partners with startups, multinationals, and corporations targeting rapid growth. In a category as broad and innovative as biotechnology, companies looking to make strategic hires to catalyze growth need a partner that understands the unique tools and applications pertinent to the biotech space.

We specialize in niche searches, discreet executive search, and thrive at making rapid placements when your current search has taken too long or produced poor results.

Selecting an executive search firm in the biotechnology field can be challenging. Despite the biotechnology industry in the US being a $100 billion+ industry, the reality is that you only have a handful to choose from and within that handful are a core few that can offer you comfort of making sure you are delivered amazing talent, give you the customer service you need to communicate with your executive team efficiently, and consult throughout the hiring process to ensure you’re able to obtain the candidate you desire.

When recruiting in the field of applied biology and the life sciences you learn many of the great candidates are not hanging out in a database or LinkedIn waiting to be contacted. The truth is that most of the best minds, the disruptors, the great leaders, and the innovators are usually employed and working on exciting projects, such is the nature of the space. 

It takes a lot of skill for a biotech recruiter to identify, attract, and deliver the top 5% of talent to client. A decent recruiter may understand the field of biotech but they may not have the research, sales, and networking ability to reach those that are unreachable like a great executive search consultant would.

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