Retained Search

Tapping into the unique properties of a retained search for your life science, healthcare, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical search means receiving dedicated time and attention to ensure your recruiting needs are met and your talent search is successful.

When making a key strategic hire, one that is time-sensitive and one where you absolutely have to get the right talent into your organization, leveraging retained search services unlock a combination of dedicated focus and resources to ensure your search results in a top 5% hire.

You’re also seeking out a boutique headhunter for reasons such as:

Why Partner With Life Science Search Partners?

  • Retaining the top Life Science Search Consultants
  • High-touch, white glove process
  • Access to our deep, national executive relationships
  • Non-stop customer service around the clock
  • In-house research team to drive candidate flow

When hiring Life Science Search Partners, not only will you be accessing the team that built the JMJ Phillip Portfolio of Companies from scratch working on your search project, you also get access to talent from our national career services companies.

The reality is that contingent recruiters can often juggle as many as 15 different searches at once where retained recruiters often only handle 1 or 2 searches concurrently along with the strong backing of an in-house research team. If your search needs dedicated, focused attention to make a top 5% hire, then tapping into a retained search agreement is the prudent thing to do.

Who Hires Life Science Search Partners?

Life Science Search Partners has a track record of helping companies of all sizes with strategic hire initiatives – from seed-stage startups to Fortune 50 organizations. When hiring a firm for a critical search, companies of all sizes come to Life Science Search Partners simply based on our reputation.

Our customer base of search clients spans across nearly every facet of the life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology, and medical devices. When you can’t afford to make a bad hire, retaining our search services can greatly improve your chances of success.

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