Dermatology Recruiters

Comprising about 1% of the total physicians in the United States, less than 10,000 doctors are actually dermatologists. The dermatology industry is estimated to be about $13 billion in size and will only grow as demand for healthcare increases in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Life Science Search Partners’ Dermatology Recruiters can help you capitalize on that growth by assisting your company with hiring top dermatologists through our search firm.

Dermatology Recruiters Overview

Whether for clinical, consulting, or academic purposes, Life Science Search Partners has more than 15 years of experience in executing complex and discreet searches. From start-ups to multinational corporations to companies in need of turnaround, our dermatology search firm has served a diverse spectrum of clients. Our Dermatology Executive Recruiters focuses on discreetly assisting you in finding talent that excellently fits your organization, while offering white-glove customer service.

Partnering with Life Science Search Partners’ Dermatology Headhunters

Whether your human capital objective is strategic growth, troubleshooting, or a finding specific skill set, our healthcare recruiters have the expertise to help you identify transfusion medicine industry professionals that fits your needs. We will work with you and your organization to create customized search for finding your ideal candidate. 

Additionally, our dermatology recruiters focus on discreetly assisting you in finding talent that excellently fits your organization. We’re able to leverage our expansive network to locate talent in diverse markets and we have ample experience with relocating professionals to where you need them to be for your organization, even if that talent is located across the country. 

With a limited talent pool due to its challenging, fast-paced, and intricate nature, Life Science Search Partners is aware of the competition in the dermatology field. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, that number could shrink even further as more physicians begin to retire, or even decide to leave medicine altogether.

Additionally, with comparative compensation so attractive in the dermatology field, more and more of the top-trained dermatologists are choosing to pursue private practices or open their own offices. As a result, the talent pool for the top 5% of dermatology physician is incredibly competitive. Hiring the right executive search and recruiting firm that can unlock the ideal dermatology candidate base for your organization is key.

Hire Life Science Search Partners’ Dermatology Recruiters

The world of dermatology is growing exponentially, with all sorts of innovations on the horizon. Our boutique approach, combined with our recruiting experts, are at your fingertips to locate talented professionals to expedite your contribution to this expanding field. With our wide professional network and white-glove transfusion medicine recruiters, you’ll soon have all the talent and expertise you need to succeed in this young industry.

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