About LSSP

Life Science Search Partners is a national executive search and recruiting firm specializing in strategic placements within the life science, biotechnology, medical device, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in executing complex and discreet searches for multinational corporations, start-ups and companies in turnaround situations. A flagship brand in the Maelstrom Advisors portfolio of human capital and executive search companies, Life Science Search Partners is a boutique search firm that focuses on customer service, quality of placement and absolute discreetness.

Our home base is right in the heart of Medical Main Street in Oakland County Michigan with recruiting resources located across North America along with an international client base. Our focus since inception has always been on identifying, attracting, and selecting the top 5% of talent across the life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and biotechnology sectors.

Life Science Search Partners Is Trusted By

Connections that Matter

Why work with a boutique headhunting firm? Many choose to work with smaller, private and more discreet firms because of relationships they have. Through our parent company and our network of executive search and recruiting partners, we have access to over 2500 active executives on our roster allowing us to reach over 20,000 professionals as our own private referral network.

In an industry full of recruiters who are happy to provide volume to their clients instead of quality, Life Science Search Partners operates differently. Our dedicated in-house team of researchers are experts at driving candidate flow to our recruiters and clients. This is an investment not many search firms our size have made. 

The life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology spaces are changing and innovating so rapidly that you need a recruiting partner who can keep up with the stringent demands of your organization’s human capital needs. Partnering with Life Science Search Partners means tapping into expertise and experience that enables you to unlock the full potential of your candidate pipeline.

Our Recruiting Philosophy

Our focus is on selecting the top 5% of talent. In today’s highly competitive markets, our life science, biotech, medical device, healthcare, and pharmaceutical clients demand and require the best talent to keep up with up-and-coming and disruptive advancements.

The recruiting and strategic search industry is full of recruiters who slam their customers with paper, which is a sharp contrast to our process. We have a dedicated in-house research team to drive candidate flow, an investment very few firms our size have. The synergy of our research team combined with our highly selective and aggressive executive team allows us to be the life science search firm in the country.

Giving Back

Along with all other Maelstrom Advisor companies, Life Science Search Partners also believes with great success comes great responsibility to do more. Our team donates time to the Manufacturing Transition Initiative and as a company volunteer our time and a portion of our profits to charities, food banks and other resources every year.