Hybrid Retained Search Services

At Life Science Search Partners, we are obsessively customer focused. That’s why we understand that sometimes a traditional retainer used for recruiting or executive searches can be a hard sell to the executive team. We created the Hybrid Retained search model for these cases.

The reality is that when organizations try to game the system and send job orders out for half a dozen or more contingent recruiters thinking they will have access to more resumes and setting up a bidding game between recruiters. What really happens though is that the competing recruiting companies know that the game is occurring, and only grab the lowest hanging fruit with regard to talent.

What does this mean for your organization?

You never see the caliber of talent that you could really attract if a dedicated life science, healthcare, biotech or pharmaceuticals headhunting firm put real time and effort into your search. Your organization is behind the eight ball right away.

Great recruiting and headhunting firms want to do great work and great work takes time. We are headhunters and this is what we do but the active research and headhunting required to deliver the top 5% talent takes time, resources, and money. We have seen many companies want retained search services instead of the “Spray and pray” resume forwarding they get with a lot of the contingent recruiters.

So, we designed our Hybrid Retainer

Instead of the traditional 1/3rd, 1/3rd, and 1/3rd agreement setup for a true retained search, through our hybrid retainer we are able to offer a single down payment service where the balance is due after a successful placement.

What this does is it shows that both parties have skin in the game. When there is commitment from both sides of the recruitment assignment, this allows us to leverage our in-house team and group of highly educated recruiters to invest the necessary time investment to find you the talent to help solve your problems and grow your business.

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