Life Science Executive Search

Our name says it all, Life Science Search Partners is an Executive Search Firm specializing in making key placements within the Life Science Sector. With a deep understanding of the industry, operations and the niche needs of the Life Science industry we continue building a name as one of the premier Life Science Search Firms in North America.

The common problem with selecting a recruiter is that industry experience only represents a small portion of the successful recruiting equation. There are Life Science Professionals and Executives with an amazing amount of industry knowledge that have tried and failed in the executive recruiting world.  What is often overlooked by our clients is the soft skills, perseverance and negotiation abilities give us the ability to not only allure a candidate to your company, but also the know-how to walk the deal through the door.

From your internal Human Resources Department to the Life Science Search firm down the street ask yourself these questions before deciding who is best fitted to execute your next strategic executive search.

Does your recruiter:

  • Have experience in negotiating complex compensation packages?
  • Do they have the personal relationships to foster a deep referral network?
  • Are they willing to make hundreds of phone calls and emails a day to reach the unreachable?
  • Can they offer a 3rd party view and sell your company to top 5% candidates?

Only a handful of Executive Search Firms in North America have the ability to say yes with confidence to all of the questions above, if your interested in learning more about our aggressive recruiting abilities, contact us at  1-(888)-303-3960